Farewell to EnTrust:

Revisit our key outputs!

After four fruitful years, it’s time to say goodbye to the Enlightened Trust - EnTrust project! During this time, Civil Society Europe (CSE) along with seven international partners have delved deep into the dynamics of trust and distrust in EU governance and have yielded novel insights and practical measures for a more sustainable and democratic Europe.

In particular, CSE has explored the intricate (trust) relationships between pan-European civil society organizations (CSOs) and EU institutions, coming up with resources designed to support CSOs, policymakers, and stakeholders in their efforts to create a more trustworthy civil dialogue at the EU and national levels.

Revisit with us our most relevant outputs, which encapsulate our findings and recommendations! 

Enlightened Trust: A Wiki for social and civic activism

A collaborative website that interactively presents how the EU institutions work and how activists can concretely participate in EU policymaking. The website is structured in 8 interactive modules, each with learning outcomes, a glossary, policy recommendations, an interactive quiz, and resources to further delve into the topic. 

Introduction to Civil Dialogue: Training manual

This training manual aims to contribute to developing a culture of civil dialogue in EU public officials, by providing trainers with exercises to raise awareness about its importance and effectively implement the principles of civil dialogue and citizens’ accessibility to EU policy-making. 

Integrated policy paper

This paper gives an overview of the EnTrust research findings and provides 12 overarching recommendations around:

1️⃣ A democratic framework based on the rule of law and fundamental rights

2️⃣ Enhanced conditions for the development and sharing of reliable information 

3️⃣ An enabling environment for active citizenship

4️⃣ A whole-societal involvement in policy-making

Report on Practices of Enhanced Trust in Governance 

This report analyses the role, current state, and opportunities surrounding trust and distrust in the interaction between CSOs and EU governance. It explores the evolution of civil society’s involvement in EU governance from a constitutional, legislative, and regulatory perspective, analyses the origins and conditions of (dis)trust in EU institutions, and examines the status of trustworthy civil dialogue at EU and national levels. Finally, it offers evidence-based recommendations to strengthen trust and foster meaningful civil society engagement within EU governance structures.

European Policy Brief 7: A vibrant civic space and trustworthy civil dialogue at the EU level

This policy brief examines the role of civil society organisations in EU policy-making, provides insights into the conditions of trust and mistrust between civil society organisations and the EU institutions, and makes recommendations for establishing a genuine civil dialogue at the European level.

Documentary videos

Produced with the University of Siegen, these 7 documentaries highlight the main project’s findings about the forms, determinants and consequences of (dis)trust in governance, and give a voice to research participants. The videos feature EnTrust researchers, public officials, institutional representatives, civil society and social movements activists, and citizens from 12 countries who discuss the topics tackled by the project.

Thank you to all our partners, participants, and supporters who have contributed to the success of the EnTrust project! 

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